Inazuma Characters Vision Charm
Inazuma Characters Vision Charm
Inazuma Characters Vision Charm
Inazuma Characters Vision Charm

Inazuma Characters Vision Charm

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Inazuma Vision. Handmade by me, one by one! Scale 1:1 A great challenge and satisfaction to make this product, and the result is crazy! I personally modeled the 3D model, printed it, finished it, and now I can make them customized for you ❤ For special requests, please write me a message and I will do my best to satisfy you!

The charm is made in two pieces:

- The gems are made of crystal resin with a transparent sheet with gold or silver foil print, glittered and colored in paint on the back.

- The base is made of pigmented polyurethane resin, for a color resistant even to impacts.

Unfortunately, I do not yet have the necessary equipment to completely eliminate the air bubbles, which remain trapped in the transparent resin. Be aware that there are bubbles inside the gem, but that they blend in with the glitter giving a stellar look! I will put all my effort to make your Charm, you can choose the nude version or the version with a pin on the back, to apply it to your cosplay.

The necklace version is also available, check out my shop!

Fire = Pyro
Ice = Cryo
Earth = Geo
Wind = Anemo
Electric = Electro
Water = Hydro
Forest = Dendro

Size: about 11 cm

Manufacturing Time

7 Days.

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free shipping: delivery in 7-20 days
UPS express: delivery in 3-7 days 

Times of delivery are indicative and estimated on this year's orders, each country has its own COVID-19 directives that could cause delays. I do not take responsibility for any delay. If you have problems with your shipment, do not hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to make you satisfied.